We can provide you with regular reporting on your business and its finances.  We can detail areas of concern, highlight areas you are excelling in, or just show you how your business is growing.


All reports are created specifically for your businesss needs and can cover profit & loss, balance sheet, debtors and creditors reporting, cash flow, monthly & annual budgets and just about anything else you could need.


Reports can be created on almost any financial aspcet of your business, but as standard you can expect to receive regular reports on;


  • Debtors Ledger

  • Creditors Ledger

  • Profit & Loss

  • Payroll Journals

  • Income Review

  • Expense Review

  • Project profitability

  • Company Balance Sheet

  • Cash flow forecast



Managing the finances of your small business can be a challenge. To survive and thrive, you must earn profit consistently, generate cash flow from profit, and control your financial condition. You need a separate financial statement to highlight each aspect:


  • The P&L Statement (also called the Income, or Earnings Statement) summarizes revenue and expenses and reports your resulting profit or loss — that’s what the P and L stand for.


  • The Statement of Cash Flows begins by reporting the net increase or decrease in cash from your revenue and expenses during the period (which is a different amount than your profit or loss for the period); this statement also summarizes other sources of cash you tapped during the period, and what you did with your available cash.


  • The Balance Sheet (also called the Statement of Financial Condition) summarizes your assets and liabilities at the close of business on the last day of the profit period and reports the sources of your owners’ equity (assets less liabilities).


Make sure that you know how to read and interpret your financial statements. Not understanding your own business’s financial statements puts you at a serious disadvantage in making good business decisions and in dealing with your lenders and owners.  Of course, the information in your financial statements is no better than your accounting system. Your accountant can be a valuable helpmate in managing your financial affairs, so contact us now to discuss how we can help you and your business.