Software Packages



These are tough times for businesses. Now, more than ever, it's vital to keep a very close watch on your company finances.  And that's where good accounting software can help by automating many of your business processes and producing detailed reports showing precisely how you're doing.


Deciding you need an accounting package is the easy part, of course - picking the best one for you is a different matter.


At Berics, we have vast experience in all mainstream accounting packages.


Each package has its own benefits, price points and complexities.  We will guide and train you to choose the best package for your needs.


Key packages include;


  • Quickbooks

  • Sage

  • Xero

  • Freeagent

  • Kashflow

  • Exchequer

  • Freshbooks

  • Zoho


How We Can Help


We can look forward with you to help you decide on the best possible software package for your business.




Berics Accounting offer a range of accounting services designed to meet the needs of your business. To find out how Berics can help you and your business achieve more, contact us.


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